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Live dealer casinos are fast becoming a popular choice in online casinos around the world. The very reason for its popularity is that most people prefer to play casino games live than playing them on a computer. The game involves the rules of online stud poker along with a high progressive jackpot, making it a favourite with online gamblers. It has just one decision point and thus makes the game less boring for beginners.

The concept is simple enough. Players place bets in an online casino and in the same way, win or lose the bet. However, players will be paying a higher rate of payouts if the dealer qualifies as an expert. The betting amount in these online casinos is generally much higher than the traditional brick and mortar casinos. Hence, players will have to part with some of their regular income in order to participate in these games.

However, there are also other advantages of playing live dealer casinos. These online games offer players a chance to play with true experts. Most of these games offer players bonuses in form of reduced winnings or free spins. With the help of these bonuses, players can cut down on their casino gambling expenses. There are even some live dealer casinos that offer players bonuses in form of reduced house edge, thereby reducing the risk of casino gambling.

There are many online casinos that offer multiple types of bonuses. For instance, some casinos offer their VIP members with the option of receiving additional bonuses. One such online casino is the Coral Casino, where players who deposit with a VIP account can get 100% welcome bonus. Online casinos offer free bonus play as well. Some of these free bonus play options include tournament play, slot machines and poker rooms.

Players will be able to find a casino Singapore online that offers free bonus play options as well as those that offer free slots. With so many free casino games on offer, it becomes difficult to choose a game. However, some online gambling sites offer bonus plays for their VIP members only. Thus, one can get a sense of whether the casino offers them a free bonus or not by looking at the 'VIP bonus' section in the bonus area of the casino games list.

There are many online casinos that use live dealer casinos for gaming and for playing real money games. The virtual casino games offered by these live online casinos are authentic games of chance and therefore one need not be concerned about the house edge. In most cases, these land-based casinos also offer special casino deals to VIP members. Therefore, to take advantage of these special casino offers, one can either play at these live dealer casinos or register at the land-based casino.

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